• Martha's Vineyard Sea Salt Traveler 3-Pack

Martha's Vineyard Sea Salt Traveler 3-Pack

$ 14.95

Travelers are great dining companions, even a nice gift. Each of our three packs is a random selection of our five varieties so even you can be a little surprised by your order. To help, we have included our use card and, oh, a nice twine bow.

- Heidi, Martha's Vineyard Sea Salt

 Ingredients: 100% natural Vineyard sea salt as base. “Premium” is our first harvest of sea salt. “Sel Minerale” is the second sea salt harvest. “Lemon Dill” has added dried Lemon Verbena and dried Dill. “Smoked Oak” is salt smoked over Island Oak. “Blueberry Honey” has added freeze dried blueberries and honey.

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