• Martha's Vineyard Sea Salt Traveler 5-Pack

Martha's Vineyard Sea Salt Traveler 5-Pack

$ 24.95

Akin to sea salt and vinegar revelations which resulted in MV Sea Salt becoming a product, I entered a big box food store and said to myself, “Nope, smaller can be better.”

New! All five varieties of MV Sea Salt packaged together so you can enjoy the full range of offerings. We have included a Use Card and put everything into a recyclable cello bag. Easy to travel with, easy to gift, and best of all great tasting. We hope you feel the same.

- Heidi, Martha's Vineyard Sea Salt

 Ingredients: 100% natural Vineyard sea salt in “Premium” and “Sel Minerale”, the former being the first harvest from the salt pond and the latter, the second. “Smoked Oak” is small batch smoked on Curt’s handmade smoker, with local Oak. “Lemon Dill” is Sel Minerale blended with lemon verbena and dill. “Blueberry Honey” is Sel Mineral blended with freeze dried blueberries and honey.

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