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Make Museware Your Wedding Essential!

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It is no secret that it's wedding season on the Vineyard. We pride ourselves on having a unique array of products, from island made to just fun and thoughtful, so that you can feel confident about your wedding gift. A lasting favorite has been Museware!

Museware Pottery started on the shoulders of Sheree Burlington, who has been a professional designer since 1985. In 1998 she strolled into a paint your own pottery shop and was absolutely inspired. Six months later she started her design business.

The pottery is still entirely handmade, and works on a basic concept. There is a layout that Museware has already created, and the rest is up to you! Names, dates, personal touches are all a part of the deal, and make each Museware Pottery piece unique.

We're happy to be carrying and ordering for our customers Museware's new Sketchbook Collection.

Each piece contains a beautiful, hand drawn design, rendered into a black and white background. The products range from fantastic wedding and anniversary platters to baby and family inspired frames.

Give a one of a kind gift this year, whether it be for a new baby, wedding, or anniversary. Feel free to stop by the store or give us a call to help you out!

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