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From the Store: MilkBarn

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Kid's products, from clothing to toys, have to be one of our favorite departments within Rainy Day. When we think about children it hits close to home - owners Heather and Bob have boys of their own, and there are a few mother and daughter teams that make up our staff.

So, we're not joking when we put in orders for kids stuff. We're also not joking about how much we love MilkBarn. MilkBarn is one of those special companies that just sings out to you with it's undeniable pairing of simple practicality and beyond cute design aesthetics!

Right now we are very happily carrying quite an array of MilkBarn Products. From bibs, stroller blankets, and onesies, sporting foxes, geese, hedgehogs and hummingbirds. Boxes and the best newborn clothes we've seen in a long while.

In particular, we love their Newborn Keepsake Set, which should be a no brainer present for the next baby shower you attend! It includes a swaddle blanket, little hat and newborn gown, in all their signature prints.

The kicker? This company was started by a mother, Stacey, in 2006 sewing her own bibs for her 7 month old. It's grown since then, but stayed in the family. Stacey has since incorporated the designs of her 17 year old daughter into their signature prints, which you can see within this collection!

Support organic, support small business, and never sweat again over "baby's first gift."

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