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Redesigning the Gift Industry: Blue Q

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Alright, so maybe Blue Q products are just plain fun... That's a big part of why we love carrying them. Gone are the days when gift shops need only be sentimental and saccharine. We live in a world where cats, quips, and jokes are a valuable gift currency. 

At Rainy Day we cater towards every occasion - Do you have a friend who loves cats and cat costumes... and cat paraphernalia? Sure you do!

Maybe you need socks that rock your naturally sarcastic flare! We have you covered!

Blue Q was started by two brother right across the water, in Boston. Seth and Mitch Nash launched their company in 1988 with their first ever product, the "FlatCat", a cardboard cut out of a cat marketed as the "Perfect Pet." Breaking the cardinal rule of gift companies, only selling a single product, Blue Q became a phenomena in the gift world. 

Over 27 years Blue Q has grown and moved to Western Mass. They've made their mark with unforgettable products and a unwavering sense of humor.

We have loads of their products in the store, year round - from quirky socks to vivacious totes and life changing breath sprays. Come on by!

Also, check out the site, we've put up a few of our favorites to deliver right to your door!


*Photos courtesy of Blue Q*

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Island Made: Kathleen Young's Upcycled Sail Bags

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The Vineyard Vintage ReSail bags we carry epitomize the difference between Rainy Day and your run of the mill New England gift shop. 

You would be hard pressed to find these unique, hand crafted bags outside our store, and may find it impossible to snag them once you've left the Vineyard. Kathleen Young, the artisan who puts together these carefully stitched bags, offers an array of colors, shapes, and designs. It's really worth a trip to the store just to check them out!

Have you purchased any of these one of a kind bags from us in the past? We would love to see how you've added it to your personal style. Send us a picture or post on our page!


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